What are the Benefits of Silk Masks

There’s no two way about it: the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends wearing a face mask in public amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

But which one to choose?

Most of the available face masks can take a toll on your face. ‘Maskne’ (acne developing where mask touches the skin), rashes, irritation and dryness are common complaints when you wear a mask, made of non-breathable materials and low-quality fabrics.

Not cool, right? Do not fret!

Our new washable face masks are 100% Mulberry Silk.  While other types of silk (wild or Habotai) are less uniform in color and texture with shorter strands, Mulberry silk is pure white and made up of individual long fibers. The resulting silk is among the finest available in the world—more durable and with a luxurious feel.  Mulberry silk is unlikely to cause allergic reactions when in contact with your skin. 

Benefits of Silk Masks

  • Silk masks are gentle on your skin

Unlike other fabrics, silk is hypoallergenic with heat regulating properties. This minimizes  the chances of skin irritation and breakouts. Silk limits dirt build-up, filters well, and protects you due to hydrophobic elements.

  • Silk is breathable

Our 22Silk Mulberry Silk Face mask combines fashion and comfort. Unlike other plain boxy face masks; our model has a 3D chin allowing for a secure and more flattering fit while making extra room around your mouth and nose.  

  • Silk masks are a sustainable option

The world is already struggling with disastrous pollution effects one time use masks have on our streets and environment.  Our silk masks are washable and reusable, making them a much more sustainable option than disposable masks.

  • Other beneficial properties of silk

Unlike cotton, the protein material in silk contains copper and advanced hydrophobic properties, which makes silk naturally resistant to droplet penetration. Our dual-layer masks are lightweight and breathable while providing excellent filtration to keep you protected.

This is no coincidence as to why silk material is used to make surgical sutures.

Silk Masks are the Best Option

Other than being gentle on your skin, breathable and sustainable, silk masks are effective in preventing the penetration of droplets. 

22Silk 100% mulberry silk face masks are gentle on the skin and comfortable to wear.  The adjustable masks are perfect for everyday use in the office, at school, running errands, or traveling.

Look and feel your best while keeping yourself and others safe!